Game 2: Raps vs. Warriors – Pre-Game

Where to start with the Warriors? Barond Davis walks, Pietrus follows…and Barnes…and now Harrington wants out and there is talk of…wait for it…Eddy “Pass Me The” Curry heading out that way. Oh yes, they also have shot happy Maggette and Dance Man Turiaf (who actually plays hard in a defined role, so he might find some of the “me first” attitudes in GS not to his liking). They have Biedrins who plays absolutely no D, but can dunk (how can a guy who looks like he has such quick feet on the offensive end have such slow feet on the defensive end?). They have Monta Ellis, he of the big contract and small brain (dude, get off the moped, seriously). Let’s kick in some real “characters” on their roster (including Nellie) and it just seems like a big powder keg. If this team gets off to any kind of a slow start, look out, it could be showtime at the circus. Maggette likes to shoot, Jackson likes to shoot, Williams likes to shoot…boom.

The great thing for the Raptors is that the Warriors can’t (or won’t) play D. They don’t seem to be interested in it whatsoever and for a team like the Raptors who are trying to figure out how the offensive end of things is going to work, the Warriors couldn’t have come along at a better time. This is the type of game where you can not only get a handle on what you are doing offensively, but also gain some confidence. It would be nice to see Andrea break out in a game like this, so hopefully he gets it going when he comes off the bench. The Warriors aren’t exactly a big team, so if Andrea is able to attack the basket, he could see rewards from the inside first, then the outside.

If the Raptors are able to come up with another decent defensive game, they might be able to ride this one out, as due to the personnel the Warriors are putting out on the floor, there could be a lot of forced shots if things don’t go their way early. There will be a few guys who will think that they can carry the Warriors on their backs and that is precisely what the Raptors need.

Let’s see if the Raptors continue to figure out what kind of a team they are going to be and come out with a win at home.

Enjoy the game.

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