Games According to thriller92 – 10/29/08

Atlanta Orlando 7:00 PM ET- Both teams underwent small changes in the offseason. ATL lost their 6th man, so the main thing to look for with them is when their bigs go to the bench, can Pachulia and …? fill in for them enough to a point where they dont have to tire out Horford and Smith throughout the year. With ORL itll be interesting who starts at the 2, Bogans, Lee, or Pietrus and which guy is going to be out of the rotation. The only other thing I can think of is if Battie is going to be a part of the rotation again as he was a solid player before his injury.

Wed, Oct 29 New Jersey Washington 7:00 PM ET- Jamisons injury luckily wasnt serious in the preseason so he’ll be good to go. The main things to look out for are the starting positions for both teams. Boone is probably the Nets 3rd best player but hes had an irregular heartbeat in the preseason, so we’ll probably get to see if Brook can play early on. And with WAS, with Haywood out for 4+ months, Thomas will probably start but thisll be Blatches make or break year.

Wed, Oct 29 Miami New York 7:30 PM ET – The main things to look out for in this game is who starts at the 5 for the Heat(Haslem or Blount), and whose going to play center for the Knicks when Lee goes out because Curry is in the doghouse with Dantoni and likely isnt going to play tomorrow because hes too fat. Is Randolph really gonna play center? Heh.

Wed, Oct 29 Indiana Detroit 8:00 PM ET- Expect a 20 pt beatdown. The only thing to look out for in this game is how much of the offence TJ is going to be involved in, whether its going to be like CP3 type involvement where he runs pick and roll every play, or if hes gonna be passing to the wings off screens more of the time. With that team TJ should be running most of the stuff for them to even have a remote chance of winning 30 games this year.

Wed, Oct 29 Sacramento Minnesota 8:00 PM ET- Spencer Hawes will get his moment in the sun with B Miller suspended 5 games for chewing tobacco or something stupid. Good first test for him going against Al Jefferson. Should be a very high scoring game and Kevin Love should also have a great start to the year going up against whoever SACs starting PF is, whether its Thompson or Moore he should have a double double. Expect Martin to get 35.

Wed, Oct 29 Milwaukee Oklahoma City 8:00 PM ET – Maybe the most meaningless game ever, but it should have the best atmosphere out of all the games WED with the Thunders first reg season action in OKC. The Bucks are very imbalanced but theyre still not bad enough to lose to OKC I dont think…

Wed, Oct 29 Phoenix San Antonio 8:00 PM ET ESPN – PHX/SA just doesnt have the spice to it anymore after the beatdown in the playoffs. PHX is in no mans land in the west, set for a 1 and done in the playoffs. I guess the main thing to look out for is Porters strategy vs TD and TP if hes going to shut the other guys out or if hes gonna make the other guys beat them, and for SA who is going to be the 3rd leading scorer until Ginobili is back.

Wed, Oct 29 Memphis Houston 8:30 PM ET – Even though this game doesnt look like much it may be the most intriguing of them all. Mayo, Artest and Gasols debuts. Will the backcourt of MEM give HOU any problems, and how fast will HOU click on both ends of the court? HOU is probably the 2nd deepest team in the league after the Lakers so itll be interesting to see how they use their rotations and how much smallball they use. Over on Mcgrady grimacing 10 times.

Wed, Oct 29 Denver Utah 9:00 PM ET – Is JR Smith starting or are they gonna continue to waste their time with Anthony Carter? Will Nene be a presence on offence? Will Utah win by 40?

Wed, Oct 29 New Orleans Golden State 10:30 PM ET- Another team whose rotation isnt set. Harrington just asked for a trade, will he be demoted or sit out or will he continue to start? Will walk on Demarcus Nelson start at PG for the Warriors? Marcus Williams seems to be in the doghouse with Nelly even though hes easily their best pg, if he cant start now he doesnt have a prayer to become a regular rotation player since they have the worst pg rotation right now maybe in league history. Should be a good practice for NOH to get all their stats way up to start the year. I love the addition of Devin Brown as well to their lineup for added depth at SF. Itll be interesting to see if the SG position for them starts out 24/24 in terms of minutes with Mo and Posey. Expect CP3 to have some ridiculous statline of 30 and 20. Oh yeah, and I’m interested to see Randolphs playing style, if he plays at all.

Wed, Oct 29 L.A. Lakers L.A. Clippers 10:30 PM ET- Game of the night as long as pansy and the beard play. Not hard to believe at all that they may sit with minor injuries. I really doubt LAL will be able to trap LAC in the halfcourt like they did the Blazers tonight because of Cambys passing for a big and the Clippers ability to get to the rim with multiple guys in the starting lineup instead of just one for the Blazers in Roy. Clippers should really try to exploit the Thornton/Radman matchup early and often if theyre gonna have a shot. Besides that the main thing to look out for is the Clippers rotation. Who will start at sg, ricky davis, mobley, or Gordon? And whose gonna get the short end of the stick on minutes? Should be a good one as long as Diddy and Camby dont pussy out.

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