Raps vs. Magic – Game 4 Preview

There are some things that need to be stopped in the world. Greenhouse gas emissions, murder, the Black Eyed Peas and athletes making “guaranteed victory” statements. Honestly, is there anything more lame than somebody coming out and guaranteeing a victory? It is done in almost every series in every league, but what makes it worse is that now any dude on the team can make the statement. It doesn’t matter if it is the damned waterboy, somebody always feels they are important enough to guarantee a victory. When Broadway Joe did it, it was a HUGE statement, because nobody had really done it before, well not on that level and not when they were huge underdogs. Even when Messier did it, it was a big statement, because he was the captain in a big city that hadn’t won the cup in about 50 years. So when Rashard Lewis starts doing it for Game 4 against the Raptors in the first round of the playoffs, honestly, who gives a shit? What has Lewis done to warrant any sort of credibility? If the Raptors win, what is Lewis going to do? Nothing. He’ll just show up for Game 5 and act like it never happened. If the Magic win, he’ll say I told you so. I am so tired of this crap, it really needs to stop.

So now that I have that off my chest, the Raptors have the best home court advantage in the league. The atmosphere at the ACC for Game 3 was insane. You have to give it up for a city that has continually been criticized in other sports for its quiet fans. In hockey, while we have very knowledgable fans, they’re not the loudest and the same goes for baseball and football. Toronto FC actually has the best crowd in the league (credit to the Red Patch Boys) and the Raptors are enjoying that same sort of soccer fanaticism going on in the stands. The sea of red was looking for blood in Game 3 and they got it, as the Magic were served up on a platter. Even Dwight Howard said that it was great, that it reminded him of high school when everybody was loud and they were booing him. He said it with a smile on his face, because even the other team’s best player knows when the crowd is into a game. Let’s hope that same enthusiasm carries over into Game 4 this afternoon and it troubles the Magic again.

Jamario Moon was a key factor in Game 3. His athleticism could not be matched as he was all over the court picking up rebounds and making guys adjust shots. The whole key for the Raptors was making sure they used their advantage in athleticism over the Magic, as the PGs were torching the Magic on a regular basis with TJ shooting first and Jose being the court general. It was the classic one-two punch from the position that we haven’t seen in a while. If the Raptors are able to mix in a bit more Bosh in this game, it should be another victory for them. Jameer Nelson had some problems with back spasms after the game, which I think may have been from him having to look over his shoulder every other play, thus creating tension between the neck and back. 85% having to turn his head around so often, 15% shame. “Oh, woes me, my back hurts so much I have collapsed in the hallway! Security, shut down the hallway! I’m in danger! Oh wait, Game 4 is Saturday? Oh, I’m okay, I’m ready to play…but if I suck on Saturday, just remember that my back hurts okay?” Jameer, I thought you were saying how you are as good as Jose and TJ? Ask TJ about pain or danger with the back. Sissy of the Week (SOW)? JAMEER NELSON.

Anyway, enjoy the game.

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