Raps vs. Heat Preview

Why is it that whenever the Raptors need to get back in the win category, the Miami Heat come up on the schedule? If the Raptors are not able to pull this game out and pull it out decisively, then they have some serious issues going on. Bosh is supposed to be back for this game and it is probably the best game to bring him back as he will not be challenged on either end of the court. This should be just a get up and down the court game for him, giving him a chance to get his legs back.

When you look at the Heat lineup, it’s like looking at a collection of high school rejects (who are millionaires). Even Ricky Davis doesn’t do the “head bop” any more, the dude just wants to get on and off the court and collect his cheque. Shawn Marion must be wondering what the hell he was thinking when he pretty much put himself in a position to be traded, D-Wade has shut it down (again), Shaq is gone, you have Jason Williams running your point and coming off the bench are a bunch of dudes you have never heard of. They could be taking guys from off the street or from Coppin State and putting them in the lineup and trust me, nobody would know. It’s that bad there right now. Think if you are a Miami sports fan right now. The Heat suck, the Dolphins suck, the Marlins have more fire sales than the good people of Cheektowaga, the Panthers are barely better than the Leafs…it’s just not good.

So what’s the game plan for the Raptors? Well, it shouldn’t be anything complex. They could essentially run two plays all game, one of them being some variation of a high-low game with Bosh, getting him a bunch of touches down low (testing the knee) and then whatever the hell else they want to run. More importantly, the Raptors have to show that they are able to play some D again. Let’s remember, the Raptors have actually been playing well defensively this year, they just haven’t been good on the boards, which has led to a lot of second chance points, which have been killing them. The past five games have been a poor reflection of how the Raptors have actually played defensively this season.

Well, enjoy the game and if the Raptors lose this one, God help us all.

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