Well, I don’t think I can say that I remember the last time the Raptors were winning a game and I was honestly bored. How bored? Bored enough to watch a few minutes of American Gladiators, which provided a laugh when both women couldn’t make it up the moving carpet at the end of the Eliminator. Hilarious.

Anyway, back to this game. Before anybody starts talking about how good the Raptors looked and the play of both of our PGs, let’s remember that while the Wolves have been getting better and are a young team with some promise, they still aren’t very good and this is typically the kind of result the Raptors should expect against teams in this situation. The good thing is that if any teams from around the league saw the combined work of Jose and TJ, they’re going to take notice. We’ve said it a million times, but every coach in the league would die to have the combo we have at PG.

This might sound strange, but I think the injury to Ford actually did him some good. I think he was able to sit back and evaluate the game, his life and how they fit together. I also think that he thought about his game and how while he still needs to attack and work at high speed for his game to be effective, he also needs to find some more control. When you team that with being able to sit back and watch Jose run the offence, Ford was provided with a good vision of how he can use his skills to be a more effective player. He has played limited minutes since he has been back, but he hasn’t been forcing any plays nor turning the ball over. Maybe the time off was just some good learning time for TJ. When you have a 22 point-22 assist night from your PGs, that should strike a bit of fear in the rest of the league. Now please, can we not talk about who is the starter? Seriously, who cares? Go with Jose or TJ, as long as that production stays the same.

Okay, when the game looks like it is sewn up as early as it was tonight, why couldn’t Sam get Gatorade Graham and some of the other guys on the bench some more PT? You have to really be in the dog house when your team is up by 20 points against one of the worst teams in the league, it’s the 4th quarter and your ass is still stuck to the bench. You would also think that if anything is going to be done regarding any trades, games like this might be a good time to get some of these guys some exposure.

On another note, hopefully you saw the clip of Chuck, Coach and Eric curling. Hilarious! Chuck’s face looked like a squirrel when it is startled.

Alright, not much more to say on this game, it was what it should have been.


thecaptain2000  on February 11th, 2008

hi, this is not to start a thread on who is the better between tj and Jose, it is abut how to get the best out of Forderon. Another positive thing about TJ’s Injury is we can evaluate how to use TJ coming out of the bench to change the pace of the Raptor’s offence a la Vinney Johnson. This was unthinkable to do last year

Jay  on February 11th, 2008

Vinnie Johnson…now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Well, he could heat it up quickly, hence the nickname The Microwave (a terrible nickname, but an accurate one).

Personally, I like TJ coming off the bench for the reason you state, creating that change of pace. It’s tough to have that sort of attack coming from the left and right.

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