Raps vs. Wolves Preview

If you’re looking for a team that could pretty good in a few years, you might be looking at the Timberwovles. Al Jefferson is a solid player at both ends of the court and is a strong rebounder (needs to work on his FT% in order to reach the next level), McCants is starting to figure out his game, nobody knows who the hell Ryan Gomes is, but he’s putting together some pretty good numbers and Corey Brewer looks like a promising rookie. There are some other young players on the Wolves who are starting to round into form too, so I think they just need a bit of time and maybe a player or two here and there and you could be looking at something special.

If you look at the Wolves lately, they haven’t been playing all that bad basketball. They lost a heartbreaker to the Celtics the other night (memo to anybody listening, with a few seconds left in the game, if you are going to save a ball going out of bounds, make sure you throw it to your own team or don’t throw it at all) and have been pretty much around .500 in their last 10 games or so. The Raptors had better be prepared to play, because if they think they can just show up for this one, they could receive a rude awakening.

I’m a little nervous about the Bargnani – Jefferson matchup, just because Jefferson is strong and isn’t afraid to attack, which means that we might see Andrea run into some early foul trouble. Andrea seems to have some of his stroke back, so it will be important to keep him on the floor for as long as possible without any foul trouble. If Jefferson is hot early, he could make it a long game for Bargs.

This should be an entertaining game, but considering the fashion in which the Raptors just lost to the Clipppers (whom the Wolves beat a few games ago), I would hope that we would see a little more urgency tomorrow.

Enjoy the game.