Who is Raptors?

Who is Raptors?

The snow’s falling and I’ve got an essay to write. There are lots of questions, but none more pressing than the one I led with. These guys can simultaneously stink up the joint and make it smell lemony fresh all in the span of 48 minutes. It’s refreshing and parching to the senses. It’s like watching someone make a really nice pizza, crust and everything from scratch, and then burn it to bits in the oven. The ideology machine at MLSE and their PR gurus will have us believe that the injuries are the source of this contradictory madness. They may be right. But there’s been some not-so-subtle indicators of some deeper issues plaguing this good one moment, gone the next squad.

Watching the game against Boston, it was amazing to see how significant Garnett is to his troops. The Boston teams of yesteryear, as in last year and the year before, took a lot of ill-advised shots and showed a lot of immaturity by not playing as a cohesive unit. They had talent, young talent, but a lot of one-on-one guys. They shipped those dudes west in exchange for a guy who has more focus that the Hubble.
He comes into the game after the Raps reel off a couple in a row and before you can say “Big Ticket”, his guys are back up by 18 and cruising to their ninth in a row. His impact is never subtle, always significant.

On the other side of the ball we have a team described somehow positively by Rautins and Swirsky as not panicking despite being down 15 mid-way in the fourth to the NBA’s hottest, most dominant team. From the opening tip until the final horn, this Raptors team didn’t simply play a bad game. Rather, Boston, like any good team that plays consistent ball will do, exposed the Raptors’ “deer in the headlights” tendencies.

Boston came out and laid some fucking wood. They hit Parker in the chops. They leveled Calderon twice. Clobbered Bosh. They played a suffocating man-to-man defense that looked a lot like a zone because of their scrambling. They talked and helped and forced the Raptors into more turnovers than assists and even more rushed and bad shots.

This team quite simply, with their asses being handed to them, kindly thanked the Celtics for returning them in tact. They didn’t push back, not once. They laboured and took what the Celts gave them. They wined to the refs. Even I know that if you get pushed in rec league, you push back. The hard fouls aren’t a coincidence, they’re a strategy.

So, who is Raptors?

Every single person in Raptorland knows that this team needs Andrea Bargnani. They need him now. He reminds me of C-3PO out there. He uses a lot of movement and energy (more than I thought was humanly possible) for one dribble pull-ups. For a professional basketball player, he sure seems confused as to what to do with the ball. His stance for one thing, is far too upright. He should go to YouTube and check some of his stuff from last year. With every passing game he looks less like himself and more like a poor man’s Pat Garrity. Who is Andrea Bargnani? Where is Andrea Bargnani? Have the Monstars stolen all of his skills? I think the scouting report is out on this guy. If you look at what opposing teams have done over the past month to contain him, it’s been to get in his grill. They’ve done that. Andrea has yet to show them he’s capable of playing under such pressure. Has he heard of ball fakes? Jab steps? Using his off-arm to create space? I think he’s better than this. Until then, I’m putting him on notice.

Who is Raptors?

I don’t know. They have quarters of magnificence and quarters of incompetence. Sometimes coming one after the other. I wish they could just play more like a .500 team that looked like a .500 team. Not like a .500 team that shows signs of being so much more.
This I do know. Turn down the volume of your televisions Raps fans. Don’t believe the hype being shoveled on there. Open your eyes to the inconsistencies, the lack of preparation and the indifference towards mediocrity. Ask yourself, “Who is Raptors?” When you figure it out, drop me a line.

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jugger  on December 18th, 2007

who is or who are??

Doc  on December 18th, 2007

Nicely done Cling …. great first blog. 😉

Jay  on December 18th, 2007

A poor man’s Pat Garrity? Isn’t a poor man’s Pat Garrity…um…Pat Garrity? Nice job, good to have some different writing styles and viewpoints on the main blog.

Johnn19  on December 19th, 2007

Who is Raptors ?? Raptors is young, 1year old, avg age in NBA of best 3 players 3 yrs (just starting to walk).Able to compete with most teams at best.

Avg age of Boston best 3 in NBA is 11 yrs, led by a motivated best PF in the NBA in Garnett (up and running at peak,best defensive team in NBA).

As any fool can tell there is no comparison now.

Cling  on December 19th, 2007

Thanks for that Johnn19. Clearly there’s a growth process here, but more in my mind anyway, is what is this team? Are they a defensive force? hardly, but they’ve been putting the clamps down. Is that how they’re known, definitely not. This team is built to be a bunch of shooters who can compliment Bosh. It’s meant to score a lot of points. which is isn’t doing now, or has done with any consistency over the course of the year.