Losses You Can Live With

The loss against the Cavs was one of those ones where if you are going to lose a game, you want it to be one like that. You want their best player to come out and be the best player and LeBron James did just that, dropping a triple-double on the Raptors. Moon had his problems with LeBron, but so did Delfino and anybody who switched onto him, but that’s not to say that they really played poor defence against him, because they didn’t. There isn’t any way you can guard against a turnaround, fall-away jumper, especially when the guy gets huge elevation off it too. The one thing I was a little disappointed with was some of the interior defence played by the rest of the Raptors, as James was able to dish out 12 assists. We said coming in that they would have to watch out for LeBron’s passing ability, so if you aren’t able to stop his scoring, you have to try to shut down the available passing lanes.

The irony from yesterday’s game is that the Cavs came out and shot 43.3% from 3, which is really what you would have expected the Raptors to do. Unfortuntately, the Raptors came out shooting bricks from beyond the arc, going 6-21, which ultimately sealed their fate. Keep in mind that a couple of those shots were Kapono’s gems down the stretch. It’s nice to see a guy come through in situations that he was brought in for. Those key 3’s near the end of the game in pressure situations were exactly why Kapono was brought to Toronto, so credit to him for stepping up with the game on the line.

What to say about Chris Bosh? Ever since that Golden State game, Bosh has been playing like he has something to prove, which he did since he started the season a little less enthusiastically than we are used to. Bosh has been demanding the ball, but what I love seeing is him making quicker decisions once he receives that pass. Every once in a while, he still eats a lot of the clock after getting the pass, but he has made notable progression in receiving the ball, checking his options and then acting on them. Some great pivot moves have had his defenders leaving the ground, while Bosh then finishes with some emphatic dunks. That’s how the Raptors need Bosh to play if they are going to do anything, if they plan on making a run in the playoffs.

Jose Calderon had another one of those great passing, poor shooting games. He logged a lot of minutes, just over 40, but what you have to love is that along with his 13 assists, he had 0 turnovers. As far as ratios go, that is remarkable. You have to love the ball control that you get when Jose is running things on the floor. He has a good handle and has good lane recognition, which is why when he’s logging minutes like yesterday, more often than not, you are probably going to see him in that double digit assist range. I would still like to see him use his legs a little more when he’s shooting, it would probably help with his percentages a bit, but he is getting good looks, so that is really just a matter of time.

Anyway, a tough loss, but definitely one of those ones you can handle.