Okay, I Like TJ, but…

Anyone who reads RF knows that I love TJ AND Jose. Said it a million times how lucky we are to have both of those guys in Raptors red. But even I have my limits. I can see the faults in TJ’s game and I point them out a lot of the time. I think he’s a good young point guard, but I’m not sure if I would agree with Don Nelson.

In case you missed it, Don Nelson, coach of the Warriors, said, “He’s as close to Nash as anyone I’ve seen.” WHA??? Nellie, you’ve gotta cut back on grampa’s cough medicine! If that’s the closest you’ve seen, then you either have some serious explaining to do or you’re just not watching that much basketball. I’m a TJ fan and I think you’re nuts on this one. When I start seeing Nash attack when nothing is there, look off other players and force shots, get going so fast he’s out of control and then dishes to nobody, then I’ll say TJ is close to Nash.

Nash is starting to slip tough…lol.