Raptors Finish Strong

Well, it was certainly nice to see the Raptors turn the tables for once and finish a game strong. It was also nice to see Bargnani looking a little better for the second consecutive game, I think it may have had something to do with the shave and the haircut. I would still like to see him fake that outside shot and then get a little closer (Dirk did that the other night a few times and then it set up that 3-point clinic he put on near the end of the 3rd to pretty much lock up the game). If Bargnani can put that fake into his arsenal, then he is going to be that much of a better player. Let’s also give some props to Bargnani for his 11 boards. A lot of them were uncontested, but he was getting into position and grabbing what was within his reach and you can’t ask for a lot more than that from a 7′ shooting guard…oh wait, he’s not a shooting guard…

Credit to Chris Bosh, who played a ton of minutes against the Mavs and then went out tonight and had a big night on the boards. The scoring part is easy, but when you have to come out and do a ton of rebounding after you just went up against one of the best teams in the league the night before and logged a lot of minutes, well that deserves some praise. Is it just me or a couple of times when Bosh was bringing down some rebounds, did he not remind you for a half second of Oak? The hair, the grunting, I dunno, maybe it was just me.

For all of those TJ haters out there, a decent game by Calderon tonight, but far from what he is capable of. 4-13 from the floor, including some poor decisions down the stretch with a minute and a half left in the game, jacking up a brick that only hit backboard. Then uncharacteristically didn’t get back on D, two the other way. Next time down the court, pulls a TJ and drives right to the basket, only to launch a pass way back to the top, over Delfino’s head. Over and back, Memphis ball. Still, he had 8 assists and 4 rebounds, but I am just making a point that if that was TJ in there, God knows we would have heard all about his poor decisions and tendency to shoot even when he wasn’t hot. Nobody will talk about Jose’s 4-13 and not so sharp passing. I’m going to blame some of that on fatigue, it’s tough to go from 20 minutes a night to 40, that can make the arms and legs feel dead on the back half of a back to back.

D-Mart, 0-4 baby! Drown your sorrows with a swing through the BK Lounge drive-thru. Stack that, STACK IT!

It seems to be simple formula for the Raptors, that when they share the ball, they win games. When 6 guys get in double digits, that is going to result in a few more W’s. Somehow, the Raptors still managed to get outrebounded…okay, I shouldn’t say “somehow”, the Grizz actually have some size up front, but they sure don’t seem to be too hell bent on getting into position to use any of that size. They are only a couple of spots ahead of the Raptors in rebounding and conisdering the makeup they have up front, they should be at least halway up the block.

Once again, Sam proved that he couldn’t draw up a play if somebody drew it for him, gave him a piece of onion paper to put over it and then trace it. I have never seen a team come out of TV timeouts or their own called timeouts and look so disorganized. Roaches when the lights come on man, roaches. Let’s not forget that while the Raptors got the win tonight, they were dismal from the floor, shooting 39%. It’s a bloody miracle they were able to win with that kind of shooting percentage. That’s why it is that much more important for your coach to be able to generate some offence. It’s sort of like manufacturing a run in baseball. If things are going well at the plate, you’re going to have to move a runner, get guys moving, force the other team to make an error to get your offence going. Force their defence into making a mistake or two and then suddenly your offence can get going.

By the way, have you ever seen so many airballs from short range? WTF?