Sam is in Mid-Season Form

I hope you all had a chance to catch at least a little snip of Sam in the media scrum last night, it was a thing of beauty. With the season just around the corner, the Raptors still don’t have a definite guy starting at the 3, a problem pretty much every Raptor fan saw coming. The beauty was that in the media scrum, this was the topic of conversation and it started to focus on Carlos Delfino. Sam tried to skirt around it, saying that when he was ready to make a decision, he would make a decision (tick, tick, tick), but the Toronto media wouldn’t let up, finally getting Sam to concede that yes, he needs Delfino to do more, to step up and show that he wants the position. Yes Sam, way to be tough! Actually, you need Delfino to step up, Kapono to step up, Gatorade Graham to step up…

Wow. We haven’t even started the season and we are already in need of somebody to step their game up. What happened to Kapono? I thought he was supposed to walk in here and the the guy. What about Gatorade Graham? If you ever thought there was something that would light a fire under a guy, you would think that it would be your team signing a couple of guys who can play your position. That position is starting to make me a little nervous.

Speaking of being nervous, Chris Bosh will be getting back into the swing of things this Thursday against the Cavs and then (hopefully) again against the Wiz on Friday. Dear Sam: Don’t be stupid and wear him out over the course of two games. Test him out against the Cavs, but make sure he gets his rest. Against the Wiz, give him a few more minutes, but other than that, let’s just get him into good shape for next Wednesday.

Starting to get excited…putting the MGD on ice…


john  on October 30th, 2007

Last season was impressive one for the Raptors. So I’m hoping for more success for them this time around.

This is especially after the arrival of Carlos DELFINO.

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Jay  on October 30th, 2007

I dunno, I’m still not completely sold on Delfino…but Walter Herrmann, now we’re talkin’. I think that dude actually has some game…