Canada Game

So I actually managed to watch some of the Canada – Argentina game last night and a few things came up that relate to the Raptors. The first is that Carlos Delfino had a good night with 15 and 6, had good awareness knowing to launch a shot when the clock was running down (which resulted in 2 on a put-back) and overall looked comfortable on the floor. He looked a little slow, which may be some a result of needing some conditioning and he also showed some of his defensive um…”issues.” This is something that will really have to be worked on before the season gets started.

Remember Carl English? My God how bad did he look last night? Remember when everybody was saying that the Raptors should pick this guy up for no reason other than he is Canadian? I’ve never understood that mode of thinking (it still goes on with Magloire). Who cares where the guy is from? People love winners. If within those winners there is a Canadian, then that’s a bonus. But anyway, back to English. Yikes. He was turning the ball over like it was a flapjack. Turnover, turnover, turnover. But let’s not stick all of that on English. The rest of the team didn’t seem to want to hold onto the ball either.

Thank God this tournament happens away from the season. I would hate to have to listen to Leo Rautins explain why his team lost. I would also hate having to listen to him explain how his team underestimated Argentina and how they were a little “overconfident”. Um Leo, Argentina is producing some pretty good ball players. True, they don’t have Nocioni or Manu with them, but even still dude…and OVERCONFIDENT? BASED ON WHAT?

Hey Leo, where are Nash and Magloire? I thought you said you would bring them to Team Canada? You should be thanking God for Dalembert or else this tournament would have been an absolute disaster.

By the way, nice game to Brampton native Dave Thomas. We grew up playing soccer together, being babysat together. I hadn’t seen him play since back in the Michigan State days. I may have told this story before, but at a party in Montreal, I ran into a chick from State. We start talking basketball, so I ask if she knows Golden Boy (as we had called him back in the day). She says, “Golden Boy?” After I tell her who I am talking about, she says, “Oh, you mean Wendy. That’s what we call him.” Nice.