See ya MoPete…

Well, it has officially come to an end. MoPete is no longer a Raptor. MoPete will be wearing one of the worst unis in the league next season as a Hornet. This is a sad day for me (and should be for every Raptors fan out there). I have already commented on it, but it hurt seeing Kapono holding up a #24 jersey the other day in his press conference. Couldn’t they have just had him hold up the front of the jersey until MoPete had signed somewhere else? Couldn’t that have been the last bit of respect they paid him? I dunno…

MoPete was a class act his whole time in Toronto, even down to when he wasn’t getting playing time. He never disrupted the team and was a team guy to the core. We will never see circus shots like his again.

Anyway, I hope MoPete continues to have great success in the NBA and that he has a real impact on the Hornets. They couldn’t have picked up a better guy. Click here to see a great compilation of some of MoPete’s better plays.

I’m gonna go down an MGD in honour of MoPete.


Lang  on July 15th, 2007

Almost all of my most treasured Raptors moments include Mo. The franchise has lost their heart.

raptorville  on July 15th, 2007

I think we are a better team with the new 24.

shawnkemp  on July 16th, 2007


Holla  on July 16th, 2007

Class act? Yes, 100%. Sad to see him go? No. He’s an aging one-trick pony. Save a couple times, he hasn’t driven the lane in a few years. Pure spot-up three point shooter (misser). I can hear the laughs, being we signed Kapono, the three point speacialist, essentially in MoPete’s place (see new Raps no. 24). BUT…Kapono is young and I believe they are going to try to get him to start slashing to the cup, a la Nachbar or Kirilenko. While MoPete’s defence will be missed, I can’t say that many more facets of his game will be. Dude shot .359 from three-point range and never saw the free throw line. Sorry, Kapono is a way better fit. Teach the kid to drive, teach him to play some D and we have a way better fit for the Raps. Best of luck in the future, Mr. Peterson.

Jay  on July 16th, 2007

MoPete a one-trick pony? Well, as misguided as that statement is, even if he was a one-trick pony, that one-trick would be solid D and I will take that trick over Kapono’s one trick.

MoPete had one off year shooting and all of a sudden he’s a one-trick pony? SK has clearly shown the comparison between MoPete’s numbers and Kapono’s. You say “…teach him to play some D” like it is teaching somebody to jump rope. Teaching somebody to play D isn’t easy. Steve Nash has been in this league for a while, is a bright guy and STILL can’t play D. I’m sure at some point, somebody has tried to teach him, but it just hasn’t stuck.

Also, teaching somebody like Kapono (little athleticism) to drive is going to be interesting. If the Raptors are going to be relying on Kapono to drive to the net, they’re in BIG TIME trouble. Comparing Kapono to Nachbar and Kirilenko is laughable, even on AK47’s terrible year. Those guys have some athleticism.

Kapono will work out fine in Toronto, but let’s not make him out to be more than he is.

S.K.  on July 17th, 2007

Kapono is what he is. If he’s used properly and not relied on for anything more than popping daggers from outside, we’ll be fine. But the most realistic hope you can have is that he’ll be the same player for the next four years as he was last year. It was a career year. Expecting him to start adding new skills at this point in his career is just silly.