Delfino = Logjam

Well, Colangelo is at it again, making another move that looks like it has good sense written all over it, only having to give up second round picks in 2009 and 2011 for Delfino from the Pistons.

Delfino is coming off a career year, although his career has been pretty short so far, so I say that with a grain of salt. What should be remembered here is that his minutes have been limited in Detroit, but when he has played, he has been a solid contributor.

The good thing about Delfino is that he has played in big games before. He was a member of the 2004 gold medal Argentine team and has played in the Euroleague finals. Not to mention all of the experience he gained in Detroit with the Pistons (24 playoff games), Delfino looks like a guy ready to explode given the right situation.

So that brings us to the Raptors. Colangelo says he thinks Delfino will fit well with the Raptors system, which I think he will too. He can get up and down the court, hardly turns the ball over and has good court vision. The question is, when the Raptors have Ford, Calderon, Parker, MoPete, Jackson and D-Mart, where’s the room? Obviously, we can probably move MoPete and D-Mart out of the equation. So that leaves Ford, Calderon, Parker and Jackson. Ford and Calderon will be the PGs, with Delfino only moving in there when there is some sort of injury. So now we have Parker and Jackson. Luke has a good stroke, but I’ll give the athleticism to Delfino and that’s what Colangelo always likes, so I’ll give the force to Carlos on that one.

That being said, there are now a lot of guys in the Raptor backcourt, which makes me think that there will be some other Raptor moves coming up very soon. Whether they are big or small, it is good to see that Colangelo wasn’t put to sleep by the Spurs-Cavs final and jumped on a good opportunity.

Welcome to Toronto, Carlos.


Johnn19  on June 16th, 2007

Where’s the room? Delfina is a SG who can play SF.
His size @ 6’6″-230 gives him a clear advantage over Dixon’s 6’3″-164 on defense.
He is likely to be the 1st back up to Parker ahead of Dixon. He can also back-up whoever is @ SF.
MoPete is gone as a trade & sign hopely. Jackson is a last resort if Graham & Dixon don’t do it.
BC will still look for a starting SF @ FA.
Calderon/Ford are PG’s & rarely play togerther, only when facing small guard dominated lineups

Jay  on June 17th, 2007

Yeah, in all that, I forgot about Dixon. I don’t think his size is as big of a deal as it is made out to be, but yes, it is a contributing factor. I think Sam will still go to Joey before Carlos (scary, but true) although they could really be used for different situations. I’m still not completely sold on Delfino’s D.

Jackson is a last resort, but also remember, Sam loves a guy who gets hot and when you have a stroke like Luke, all it takes is a couple of games before the Toronto press starts anointing him with nicknames and Sam starts thinking he’s the answer. Let’s be clear, he’s not. I think he’s a legit player, but he’s not the guy you should be looking to to win a game for you.

Something’s going down soon. Sign and trade with MoPete sounded like a certainty at the end of last season, so it will be interesting to see what happens over the summer.

S.K.  on June 18th, 2007

I’d question the statement that Delfino “hardly turns the ball over”. He had TO on 10.8% of his possessions last, which was the lowest rate of his career. Here’s a complete list of Raptors who had poorer TO rates than that last year: 1) Bargnani, 12.7 (a rookie with significantly more touches), 2) TJ Ford, 12.4 (in WAY more possessions, and with more than double Delfino’s assist rate) and 3) Kris Humphries, 11.9…. Humphries had a similar usage rate to Delfino, so we’ve just acquired a guy who we can confidently say has better hands than Kris Humpries. Which is a great thing for Carlos to put on his resume, I suppose, but that’s not a guy I want bringing up the ball for the Raps.

S.K.  on June 18th, 2007

10.8% last “year”, of course. Oh, and Joey Graham, for curiosity’s sake, had a 9.1% TO rate with the exact same usage rate as Delfino last year. So let’s keep that in mind, as well.

Oh, and great site, Jay! Looking forward to seeing how it picks up when Hot Stove season kicks into gear.

Jay  on June 18th, 2007

Busted. But let’s take into account that even though (as you marvellously pointed out) he may not be the best ball handler, hopefully, he won’t be dribbling the ball upcourt too often. As Johnn19 mentioned above, we’ll probably see him at SF, so hopefully that will limit his ball carrying in the Raptors end of the court.

Thanks for the compliment, we enjoy running RF and love getting challenged (nice job).

D.C  on June 18th, 2007

Great move, and another deal is in the works. Who knows it might include Delfino? Dixon should be traded or benched after his performance last season. He shot about 10 percent in his last 10 games, played sloppy defense, and makes bad decisions. I don’t fault B.C for the trade… it was worth checking out. I’m just not sure why people like him so much. I’d much rather Jackson, who plays a team game and shot an outrageous percentage. A guy like Jackson will flourish on an unselfish team. He was great with parker and jose on the court.

My guess at the mysterious 4 would be:
Starting: Parker, Someone New (perhaps Delfino)
Backups: Delfino, Jackson, and Graham

D.C  on June 18th, 2007

OOps, mysterious 4 plus a 5th…