Sam Stays, Jim Leaves…

Well Raps fans, Jim Todd, the best half time interview ever, is going back to the Bucks. Nobody really knows what drove him back to Milwaukee, but there is some talk about dollars and some vague statement by Sam about his pension. Anyway, the Raptors are losing a true talent in Todd. Personally, I think he took off because he dreaded the thought of having Norma return to doing halftime interviews. She didn’t do them last year, but you never know, it had a chance.

The Toronto Star is reporting that Mike Evans, a Raptor scout may be taking over the position. The other Raptor assistants are currently finishing negotiating their deals with management.

I still think there is more to this story than is being reported. It must have been a big whack of cash or some other offering that made things so attractive, because I can’t really understand why a move back to Milwaukee would be that enticing over what is going on in Toronto right now. Maybe more will come of this later, but for now, have to say, we’ll miss you Jim.

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Jay  on June 16th, 2007

I’m commenting on my own post. Yikes. Anyway, the Bucks named Jim Todd as an assistant in Milwaukee, which still makes me think there was more to that whole situation in Toronto than initially reported. You just don’t get up and leave an organization on the rize to be an assistant in an organization with a lot of problems…unless you’re looking toward the future and thinking that you could be a head coach there faster than anywhere else. Maybe there are some personal reasons we don’t know about.

New Orleans also picked up Charlie Parker as an assistant coach…does anybody find it hilarious that in the heart of jazz country in the States, their basketball team has a coach named after The Bird?