No Plan, No Heart, No Bosh, No Win

Where do you start after a game like that? I mean, really, where do you start? I’m sorry, but when you come out of the gate with Carter and Kidd giving you a front row seat at their screening of “Reverse Aly-oop 1 and 2”, you know it’s going to be a long night. When you are in the opposition’s house and they come out and drop 32 on you in the first quarter, it’s pretty much over. Just to emphasize what the Raptors had problems with all year, Sam must have sung them another lullaby at halftime, because you would think they would come out fired up, but they came out and had a 30 point SLAP put on their faces. To be totally honest, the Raptors were lucky this ended up only a 21 point loss, because it could have easily been about 35.

I am watching the Golden State-Dallas game right now and if you want to see a team playing with heart, if you want to see a team who has its leader busting his ass, you should be watching Baron Davis and the Warriors. They are playing like they want it. Contesting shots, filling the lane and I think I’ve seen Disco Dirk on the floor about 5 times now. Every layup is being contested and so are the dunks. They are moving the ball and attacking the lane. They are playing how the Raptors should be.

The guys tonight were talking about how Bosh is frustrated, well as he should be. But the difference between the rest of the guys on the team and Bosh is that when he gets frustrated, he is supposed to demand the ball and lead the team. This is where he needs to get tough inside and create some contact instead of getting the ball, facing the basket and then wasting 5 seconds while the defence sets up. I’m not going to bring the Raptors terrible basketball down on one guy, but you always have to start with your stars and if they aren’t leading by example, they’re losing by example.

For everybody who was jumping onto the Sam bandwagon near the end of the season, can Lang and I just go back to some of the things we were saying all season about Sam? While he has improved immensely, he still has problems figuring out how to draw up an offensive plan and coming out of breaks (timeouts, halftimes, etc.) he is lost. Sam has not been able to implement anything that has even remotely challenged NJ. In all actuality, this series should already be over if it weren’t for a hectic few last minutes at the ACC.

I hope the Raptors are watching the Warriors tonight, because even if Golden State loses, they’ll at least go down fighting. The Raptors should be embarrassed. They are being outplayed in every aspect of the game. Every single aspect.