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Once again, I managed to not see this game live, but did see it later (I’ve gotta get this sorted…I mean, really), but other than knowing the Raps already won from listening on the radio, getting to see RJ get blocked by Bosh brought a serious smile to my face. After RJ’s smug few minutes at the mic after game 1, it was nice to see him get the ball stuffed back down his throat, maybe that will shut him up a bit. Dude, when you are getting people in Toronto to hate you more than Vince, you’re really doing something wrong.

An interesting game, nice fortitude shown by the Raptors in pulling it out at the end. TJ and Jose had decent games, but I’m not sure exactly when Jose fell in love with his jump shot and decided to chuck it up every time down the court. Sam eventually went back to TJ to get the penetration and opportunities to go to the line, which is what we were talking about during the season when people wondered why Sam kept bringing TJ back in. When it gets to playoff games, you see how important it is to get to the line and get penetration down the stretch.

This isn’t to say that Jose had a bad game, because he didn’t. The 1-2 punch is showing to be effective and you have to give credit to Jason Kidd, because he is putting in 40 minute games out there against younger and quicker guys and isn’t missing a beat. Give him credit for being in great shape and having good focus, because it is no easy feat to keep up with TJ and then have him followed by Jose.

So much has been made about AP’s shooting and rightfully so, he has been great, but let’s give it up for his D. Vince is getting a lot of touches and isn’t able to do much after that. AP has been playing him well (better than I thought he would), but then again, these are big games, so you know Carter isn’t going to be at his best. AP has shut down any thought of Vince driving, which typically isn’t that tough to do, but he has also been getting up on him every time he lets a shot go. Nice work against a guy with great athleticism.

I’m not sure about you guys, but Nachbar makes me nervous. He got a lot of good looks last night and the Raptors can’t count on him to miss down the stretch like that again. He’s a fiery player and the last thing you want is for him to get in a groove. Need to keep him under wraps or he could be the X-Factor.

What’s up with Juan? I didn’t see him get injured, but he only logged 4 minutes last night. His D has been fairly good this season and we all know how good he was offensively. Seems like maybe he could be the next X-Factor…stay tuned.


Johnn19  on April 25th, 2007

Dixon has a sore arm,has been struggling with his shot, and is too small to guard Carter or Jefferson. That is why Graham and MoPete are playing.

Johnn19  on April 25th, 2007

Jose and TJ are shooting so much because they are open with NJ going under the screen on pick and rolls. They both shot poorly TJ 4/12 and Jose 4/11 in game 2. Need to shoot better because they are both given open looks.

Jay  on April 25th, 2007

I can see the size being a factor in playing Joey more, but not so much for MoPete, because Mo uses more positioning and quick hands than size to defend. On RJ, you need the size, but not so much against Carter. Yeah, I figured something was wrong with Juan.

If you are getting open looks and aren’t hitting shots, you should definitely be either a) driving or b) playing the high-low with your all-star. How does Bosh go minutes on end with no touches down the stretch? Not cool.

fho  on April 26th, 2007

Nice hard win for the Team. Woohoo!

Raptors “D” was much improved. Keep it up.

Both point guards:
1) still need to slow down Kidd, better. Keep the ball off Kidds hands.
2) Get the rest of the team more touches early, and keep NJ defence guessing.
3) Drive – not shoot – “more often” and get NJ in early foul trouble.
4) Push the ball quickly on transition. Get NJ tired early, and possibly some easy baskets.

I’m liking Bosh increasing his drives to the net. Gets the nets in foul trouble and kill their transition tempo.

AP was magnificent, but I’d like to see him drive a little more, like he did in the regular season, tho’ I understand he’s just recovering from being sick.

Bargnani needs just a little more pump in his jump shot. Theu’re straignt, just short.

Keep up the Defensive effort! And get NJ in foul trouble.

Go Raptors!!

Jay  on April 27th, 2007

A report this morning said that Kidd is a game time decision as he has a sore knee. Yeah right, it would have to be one really sore knee for Kidd to sit this one out. But if his knee is really as sore as they say, then the Raps MUST keep the ball movement going and drive on him as much as possible. Starts and stops are tough on the knees, so get on him early.

Bargnani has a lot of rust, so he will need to shake it off early. All he needs is to get a couple of shots early in the game, get that confidence back. Let’s also remember that he is playing in his first NBA road playoff game (as are a lot of the Raptors), so there could be some jitters at the start of the game.

raptormike  on April 27th, 2007

you run a raptorblog, yet you didn’t even see the friggin playoff game?? whats the matter with you, getting ready for the NHL draft??

Jay  on April 27th, 2007

Trust me, if I could have gotten out of what I had to do, I would have, but hey, we all have lives. Throughout the season, I only missed a couple of games, playoffs come around, I get stuck doing stuff. It’s not fair, but that’s life.