Congrats Sam…

Well, Sam did it. He won Coach of the Year. Congratulations to him, especially for being civil regarding his treatment in the media, by fans and some bloggers (ahem). While everybody should agree that he still has lots of work to do, his turnaround of the Raptors and the team concept he has instilled has been inspirational.

I was hoping Sam would win, but as we mentioned earlier, I had a bad feeling there was going to be a Jerry Sloan movement, but Sam easily outdistanced him. I would think that Colangelo would be working on a contract renewal as we speak, but let’s just not break the bank on him, you know what I’m sayin’?

Anyway, congrats to Sam, you did it your way.

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fho  on April 25th, 2007

Yes, Congratulations Sam.

I believed in your style of finding and playing the players with the hot hands, focusing on team play, and not baby sitting egos.

The results for this philosophy was not really apparent last season, before we got Collangelo and a roster of talented players. But it has proven itself, now, with the new talent in this seasons team.

Well done!

Johnn19  on April 25th, 2007

A well deserved win for Sam Mitchell as Coach of the year for RAPTORBALL. Clearly shows how much the so called Media Experts know about the Raptors.