Hey, I didn’t know there was a pickup game being played at the Palace tonight!

Wow. Okay, we all knew the Raptors weren’t going to be playing any of the bigs and that they are going to rest guys down the stretch, but if I was a Detroit Pistons fan who paid for seats to that game, even though my team delivered an ass-kicking, I would have been disappointed.

That’s the thing with this point of the season, you are going to see one of two things. A) A game of real interest with somebody trying to get into the playoffs, improve their position or deny a rival or B) an absolute shitfest with at least one team who doesn’t care and a bunch of guys who look like they are going to go hotbox after the game.

There’s nothing to even analyze from this game (other than Slokar…actually, he didn’t look too bad). I was just waiting for RayRay and Lil’P to walk onto the court and shout, “We’re in next basket, then the BALLIN’ starts.”

Luckily, I was able to watch Dice-K throw a gem (outside of one inning) and still lose to the Jays. Beautiful.

Anyway, that’s it, that’s all.