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Yeah, that last post was long, but there’s a bit more.

Forgot to go on about Bosh. That display in overtime once again shows how Bosh is truly one of the best players in the league. That’s how big players show up. Crunch time. That’s when even though you know it is going to them, you still can’t stop it. He broke out everything. Drives, jumpers, hook shots. Even got away with some push-offs, so it’s nice to see that he’s getting some star-quality calls in his direction (I like to call them “Jordan No-Calls”). I like the fact that after he had taken a couple of jumpers that didn’t drop, he went right back inside and attacked, eliminating any thought that he was going to pull a Carter and shy away from the basket and going inside. That was a real leader tonight.

Also, let’s give Sam some credit for dealing with the injury situation well, but not so much on the court as off it. I like how Sam has been very direct in any questions about the inury situation, saying that they can’t just pack up and quit because of some injuries. I like that he has cut that off right away, not letting it turn into a bigger issue than it really is. Good for Sam. Personally, I still think there is a lot of room for improvement from Sam, but I don’t think I can see any way that the Raptors management CANNOT offer him a new contract. He has handled losing his star player in the middle of the season. He has handled losing his starting PG. He has handled losing his star rookie. Now he is managing to pull the team together with arguably their best defender out. He has the team rebounding down the stretch (still a little early to call on this one, but I’ll give some dap anyway). He has the team ahead of where anybody thought they would be. I honestly think that Colangelo has to offer a contract. I was a Sam fan (Lang and I had some classic discussions about him), then with more mistakes, fell out of favour with him and still am not his biggest supporter, but let’s give credit where it is due.

One last point. Please tell me you saw that kid sitting behind the Raptors bench with his mum, after the Raptors pulled ahead in OT. Kid had his hands on his head and tears were ready to flow. Priceless. Nothing better than seeing dreams crushed first hand.

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TTFD  on March 31st, 2007

“Please tell me you saw that kid sitting behind the Raptors bench with his mum, after the Raptors pulled ahead in OT.”

yes, we were chuckling at that at the bar…

also saw Luke come off the bench after Mo’Pete’s prayer excerising huge vertical leaps, whens he going to play ya think??