More on last night…and more PJ angst!

I’m still thinking about last night’s game. Here’s another question: Why couldn’t Sam find some minutes for Luke Jackson last night? Obviously, the Raptors didn’t look into it until it was too late, they couldn’t run any plays, they were cold shooting, they were playing the worst team in the league, what better opportunity to take a look at a guy than last night? You only have 10 days to evaluate him and decide if you want to offer another 10 day contract, so why not put him in? Sure, he hasn’t been here long and doesn’t really know many plays, but a) last night the Raptors didn’t really seem to be running any plays and b) Sam has said himself that he only uses about 45% actual plays in games, that the rest is just the guys playing ball. Dixon was out last night with a neck strain, MoPete was cold…I don’t know, just seemed like if there was a time to take a look-see, it was last night. At best, he could have been a sparkplug or maybe just shown the other guys that playing time is for guys who are hungry. At worst, he would have fit in with the rest of the guys last night. But not even a single minute? Come on.

The release of PJ Tucker is still bothering me. I was reading something Doug Smith said today, that because PJ was undersized (6’5”), that meant he was never going to be able to survive in the NBA. Well, it’s not like the Raptors didn’t know he was 6’5”. It’s not like they drafted him, he showed up and they said, “Whoa, what the hell, this guy ain’t a 7-footer!” Dennis Rodman was only 6’8”, but he rebounded the hell out of the ball. That’s the thing about rebounding, it’s not all about size, it’s also about positioning. Sure, it helps if you have a little extra size, but if you’re built like a tank and play like one and are a little undersized, you can still be effective. Would have made more sense to let Pape Sow go. You can only have something raw around for so long before you have to put it in the trash. Nothing against Pape, but this isn’t a summer basketball camp. The Raptors can’t keep hoping his skills improve.

Alright, I’m going to go stare at Martine.


TTFD  on March 28th, 2007

They made the right decision keeping Pape!! You leave Pape alone!!!! 😉

coach  on March 28th, 2007

p.j. is likely 6’2” or 6’3″ at most.