Oh no…

Tell me that wasn’t your reaction when you saw Garbo’s injury. I’m not sure what Jack and Chuck were looking for, why they had to show it so many times, it was obvious that it was a serious injury, that he broke either his leg or ankle in horrific fashion. You could see his foot pointing one way while his leg pointed in the other. I had flashbacks of Jason Kendall of the Pirates and Moises Alou (I think at that time of the Expos). Thankfully, those guys returned and are still playing, so that’s good news for Garbo. The best thing they can hope for is for the leg to be broken and not the ankle, it will make the healing process that much easier.

But let’s look at why this injury even happened. Garbo hustling back on a play where honestly, he should have just let the dunk go. There is no way you’re going to block that unless you’re Josh Smith or Michael Jordan. If you cut the guy down, it’s going to be a flagrant. That is one where you have to just give up the two points. You can’t stop a running dunk when you’re playing catch up. It doesn’t happen. That being said, the only reason Garbo is chasing that play down is because the Raptors served themselves up to the Celtics. Garbo’s a guy who has some pride and plays hard D, so in games like tonight’s, I would think he would take the loss personally and would try to show the Celtics and more importantly, the Raptors, that they don’t lay down for anybody. It’s too bad he was in that position. Jorge’s loss is going to be felt by the Raptors, as he has been the glue that has held a shaky D together for most of the season. If there is a time when the Raptors are going to need Sam to figure out the rotation and for everybody to man up and play some tough D, it si now.

Don’t think this was a case of the Celtics playing well, finding a night where everything just started to click. This was the Raptors playing down to the level of their opponent. Other than the early game to the Bucks, I can’t remember if I have ever seen the Raptors so lost on offence. No ball movement, forced shots, turnovers, they had it all tonight. Regular readers know that I’ll go to the wall for TJ, but good Lord, WHAT was going on tonight? Only in the last few minutes of the game, when TJ started pressing and having a better idea of what he wanted to do did he look like the guard he can be. Also, we saw Bosh go back to his ways of getting pushed around by inferior players. Forget that he had another double double, because he still missed a lot of opportunities to pick up loose balls and get tough inside. It is just extremely frustrating to watch Bosh get dunked on and outrebounded by guys like Rajon Rondo.

Turnovers. Yikes. 19 turnovers for 25 points. You aren’t going to win games playing like that, even if you are playing against the Celtics. 8 turnovers for TJ. 8. NO, SERIOUSLY, 8!!!! You almost have to try to turn the ball over that many times in one game. Five turnovers for Bosh. I don’t even understand how that should happen when you’re playing the kind of game Bosh is. You’re not dribbling the ball, you’re not trying to make a lot of passes. There really shouldn’t be any reason to turn the ball over 5 times.

I will give Gatorade Graham credit again, he had another solid outing. He is finally starting to realize what his game should be. He is playing some tight D, getting up on guys and forcing them to try to beat him on the dribble. When he does get beaten, he relies on some support coming from the weak side. He is using his frame to box out, pushing guys as far out from the basket as possible and getting his arms out to protect the area. He is banging on the offensive boards and going straight back up when he does get the rebound. No thinking about it, just instinct. Get rebound, go back up. Good for Gatorade Graham. That’s how rebounding and scoring works. How the Raptors managed to get outrebounded by the Celtics is beyond me. Honestly, who do the Celtics have that can rebound? Jefferson. After that? Anybody who should be beating any of the Raptors? No.

Anyway, a classic underperformance by the Raptors. Terrible. Remember how last week I was saying the game against the Knicks was one of those ones that you have to throw away and then come back ready to play? This wasn’t one of those games. This is a game that the Raptors should remember. This is a game that cost them one of their best players. A simple lack of effort, a lack of any sort of energy on the court resulted in a heart and soul guy trying to make a play that he had no business trying to make. Shame on them.


Hollow  on March 27th, 2007

“…the only reason Garbo is chasing that play down is because the Raptors served themselves up to the Celtics.”

I could not agree more. No way Garbo feels the need to make a desperation play like that in the Denver rout. TJ with 8 turnovers. Bosh with 5 turnovers on simply lazy, obviouis passes. Team effort was terrible and Garbo’s broken leg is an indirect result of it. To quote Vincent in Pulp Fiction: Might not have been the reaction you expected, but you had to expect a reaction.

Garbo will certainly be missed by the Raps this season. Let’s cross our collective fingers and hope that the 29 year-old rookie’s promising first season in the Association isn’t also his last.

TTFD  on March 27th, 2007

His D will be sorely missed…I concur as well, their lacklustre effort definitely contributed to that injury, man that’s terrible for Garbo and the team…