Definition of a team loss…

Terrible. Lacklustre. Embarrassing. Vomit-inducing. Call it what you want, but today’s (well, actually yesterday’s since it is now past midnight) loss to the Knicks was a team loss by straight definition. Everybody played a part in summarily serving up Raptor ass to the Knicks. Games like today’s are ones where you just throw away the tape, pretend it didn’t happen and go into the next game. Otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy trying to analyze the million things you did wrong in one game.

Let’s start with MoPete. Mo, I love ya dude, but 0-8 with 0-4 from 3 just isn’t going to cut it, especially when it looks like you are just looking to hoist up shots whenever you touch the ball. Mo has gone from a guy who would play solid D and then run the court to get established, set his feet and nail an open look to a guy who is playing good D (as much as his offense sucks right now, his D is still good), but runs the court with his hands down, chucking shots like a guy who’s playing for a contract. It’s sad to see, because he’s not that kind of player, but he has played himself into that situation. Forced shots+bad looks = 0 points in 14 minutes.

AP – clearly still injured. He gets a pass for today’s game.

TJ. Dude, if I have said it once, I have said it a million times. YOU HAVE TO HOLD ON TO YOUR LUGGAGE. 7 turnovers? 7? Dude, seriously, 7? You are the PG, you HAVE to hold on to the ball. It is essential to team success for you to hold on to the ball. I know some of those turnovers came from the fact that nobody was moving on offense and you were trying to create something, but that cannot go unnoticed, especially when you have 3 assists. Hold on to the ball.

Bargnani – See above note. 5 turnovers? WHA? Just because you are a 7-footer who can put the ball on the ground, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to put the ball on the ground. Each dribble is a long way down and a long way up. Sure, you had Curry on you for a while and you can put the ball on the floor against him, but then they sat him down. Use all of your assets. You’re not that good putting it on the floor…yet.

Bosh – God damn if I see one more punk push you out of the way for a rebound, I’m going to lose it. Balkman is a good rookie, but he was beating you inside for rebounds, establishing position on you. Renaldo Balkman! Sure you brought down 7 boards and dropped 21 points, but Balkman had 12 boards, 15 points, a couple of blocks and 3 steals. If the guy could shoot a free-throw, he would have owned the night!

Rasho – A big body is a terrible thing to waste.

Garbo – Five 3’s attempted, one made. Played some D. I guess the looks just weren’t open enough for you to go off again. Somebody has to step up in games like this and sometimes it has to be the defensive guy.

Dixon – Somehow you managed to have a decent game, even though you went 3-11. I’m not sure how, but you didn’t look that bad today.

Gatorade Graham – Looks like ol’ GG felt like playing today. When he feels like being into a game, he can be good…like today.

Sam – “We forgot plays. Guys forgot their plays tonight, this afternoon.” That was a serious clip from his post-game. Guys forgot plays. WHA? Lol…guys forgot plays? We’re almost at the end of the season and from what we can tell, the Raptor playbook is limited, so that really says something when guys forget plays. A few weeks ago, Sam said that he calls less than half of the plays in the game, that the rest is just the guys playing. So essentially, in the 45% of the plays that Sam called tonight, the Raptors forgot some of them. So I guess Sam is just saying that the Raptors are stupid. He also hinted at them being sleepy, saying that the 1:00 games are tough on the team. Lol…okay. Don’t blame a loss on a 1:00 start when you had a day to rest. It’s lame.


Anyway, the whole point of this is to show that there are going to be some games where certain players do more to lose a game than others, but there are some games (like today’s) where the whole team is going to stink the joint up. I watched this in my favourite Montreal area pub (Kelly’s for anybody who’s out in the West Island) and it forced me to have a few more pints. As I said, let’s just throw this game out and hope things pick up.


TTFD  on March 21st, 2007

oh oh

fho  on March 22nd, 2007

Yes it was.

But the win against Orlando, last night, was a good team win. Compared to the NY game, that had better ball rotation, straight from the tip off. The defense was up a bit. Bosh was driving and getting fouled. Ford was helping with the double team, rewarding the cutter, and pushing the break – made scoring easier for everyone running. Nice!

Yup, everyone played well and chipped in with some points. That’s the Raptor team play I like.

Go Raptors!

Jay  on March 22nd, 2007

Isn’t it nice when Bosh plays with a little bit of an edge? When he plays a little tough? Love it.