Why the Raps should be able to compete against the Rockets

The Raptors were simply outclassed the other night against San Antonio, but I don’t think that will be the case against the Rockets. I don’t think Mutumbo has the speed to close down the middle like he used to and between him and Juwan Howard, I think they will have their hands full between Bosh and Bargnani. Bosh and Bargnani have a lot of speed and the ability to shoot and when you have a guy like Mutumbo who lives to block shots, you can get him standing up straight and then put the ball on the floor against him. This is where the Raptors can really make their athleticism work for them.

Keep in mind that the backcourt is McGrady and Rafer Alston. Now McGrady is probably going to get his, but let’s remember that he isn’t a stranger to sulking a bit and trying to force things when his team gets behind. But if I’m a betting man, I’ll go with T-Mac to get his points. So then you look at Rafer. Rafer still hasn’t learned how to distribute the ball and God love him, he’s still using that insane floater that hardly ever drops. One of these days, he will realize this isn’t the playground and even if it was, that was a long time ago dude.

The Raptors should have a little fire in them after getting slapped around by the Spurs the other night and this could be a good game for them to make a statement. The Rockets have already been talking about how they have to be ready for the Raptors and how they are the third best team since the start of 2007, so maybe the Raptors have actually gotten in the Rockets heads a bit. I’m not going to put a lot of weight into that, but at least it’s something else that can work in the Raptors favour.

If they use their speed against the Rockets, they should make this an entertaining game.