Twisted ankles and Bruce Bowen

So AP comes down on Bruce Bowen’s foot and has a pretty severely sprained ankle. Sound familiar? Isn’t this exactly what Isiah Thomas was talking about when he caused that big furor saying that Bowen intentionally cuts under people?

Now, let’s put in a big caveat here. Isiah Thomas says a lot of stupid stuff. The guy also isn’t the most respected person in the league anymore (and I say “anymore” because when he was a player, he was widely respected). But maybe Isiah has a point here. If it is happening this frequently, maybe there is some truth to it.

Bowen says that he just plays tight D, so if a guy goes up for a shot and he doesn’t leave his feet, that is naturally going to happen. Okay. But usually when you are that close to somebody, they aren’t going to try to shoot over you, they are going to try to put the ball on the floor. So I’m not completely sure if I buy that idea.

So what motivation does Bowen have to start cutting under people? He’s not a bad guy, I don’t think he would be out to injure players, but then again, if you get enough of a rep of somebody who could injure another player during the game, it might make you think (even for a half second) about your shot, thus altering it.

I don’t know. This is really one issue where I am not sure on which side of the fence I sit. I said earlier that I think Bowen is the best defender in the league and maybe part of that is an intimidation factor. Anyway, if it happens as much as it does against Bowen, you have to start to wonder…