Spurs are just better

Here are some numbers for you to ponder. 42, 25, 68.4. That’s what the Raptors shot from the floor, from 3-pt range and from the line. Simply not going to do it. Now let’s be honest, this was against the Spurs, one of the most complete basketball teams in the league, if not the most complete team. This is a team that can actually have a player of Manu’s ability coming off the bench most games. This is a team that has in my opinion the hands down best defender in the league in Bruce Bowen. This is a team that has Tim Duncan pulling down rebounds (16) like nobody’s business and then being able to put the points up there too. The Raptors simply aren’t there yet.

Let’s not take anything away from how the Raptors have been playing lately, they have been moving the ball well, scoring and sometimes even playing some D. When they have faced some of the better teams in the league, they have been doing fairly well because they have been able to use their speed and capitalize on mismatches. The problem is, when you get a team like the Spurs who tend to control the tempo and get back on D, you can’t execute the kind of game you want to. They dictate how the game is going to flow.

The Raptors were handily beaten in just about every aspect of the game last night. The only area they managed to do better than the Spurs in was not turning the ball over as much as them, but if you’re not doing anything in transition, that doesn’t matter a whole lot. Nice work between TJ and Jose last night, I am really enjoying the pressure they are starting to put on the opposing team: TJ had 2 more steals last night and Jose had one too. Pure hustle and timing between them.

The Raptors were basically shut down last night. Parker: Shut down (and injured). Bosh: Shut down early. It was good to see Juan Dixon have a solid game, that can only make the Raptors brass happy. Look for his minutes to increase if he keeps performing like last night.

Anyway, now on to Houston. While a good team, I think the Raptors can take Houston…I’ll tell you why later.