Interesting stuff in SI

Just a few interesting things I saw in Sports Illustrated over the past few weeks. The first is that according to SI’s mid-season report, they have Jorge Garbajosa as the Rookie of the Year, saying that he puts numbers up straight across the board. Interesting selection, because you don’t hear him being ranked number 1 very often (outside of the rookie rankings). Most of the pundits around put Garbo lower on the list, instead preferring to go with Gay, Millsap, Bargnani, etc. It may go to show just how underappreciated Garbo is. He has the remarkable ability to have some slow feet on defense, but still play tight D. He gets himself in the proper position and is good at anticipating plays, so that makes up for his slow feet. He also has quick hands, which allow him to pick off passes in the lane.

In another issue of SI, there was a poll of players in the league asking who was the fastest player in the league. Sure enough, there’s TJ Ford at number one with 25% of the vote. Next was Iverson with 18%. Slowest player was Yao Ming, with 35% of the vote (and that’s when he’s healthy too). TJ’s speed is starting to show on defense, as he is becoming a pain when players try to go around him and has picked up a knack of coming in from behind for steals. He is starting to get the timing down on steals, knowing when to go in so that he won’t pick up reach-in fouls.

Anyway, just some info I thought might be of interest.


Johnn19  on February 25th, 2007

Re the Pacers run in the 4th quarter the Rap’s were up by 27 and Mitchell took all his starters out to rest them (with thought to the back to back)
When the lead got down to 10 the starters had to come back in and the lead went back to 22 to finish the game. No problem.

Re Garbahosa his biggest asset is between his ears, ie: Basketball IQ ( 10 years exp in Europe)

Jay  on February 25th, 2007

Even still, bench or starters, having a team go on a run like that against you will happen in the NBA, but you have to stand up and make a point of it not happening so easily.

With you on Garbo’s basketball IQ. Always in the right spot, knows the game.