The Brazilian Civilian

As much as I used to ride Rafael Araujo during his time here in Toronto, I can’t say that I’m not quietly rooting for him to book another contract next year. After an arguably career-night yesterday against the Denver Nuggets, I thought it’d only be suiting to pay a small tribute to Hoffa. In case you didn’t see the box score, Hoffa played a career high 33 minutes, notched 10 rebounds, and registered 3 personal fouls. That’s one foul every 11 minutes – you heard right. Here are a couple of videos to bring us back to reality.

One Comment

Jay  on February 25th, 2007

I love the scream…that’s what sells it. Hoffa had been dreaming his whole life of that dunk opportunity, he was going to have that painted on his bedroom ceiling above the bed…that was going to be his moment.

You’ve gotta feel for the guy.