Trade Deadline Looming

So the trade deadline isn’t far away and people are wondering if Colangelo is going to do anything. Essentially, here are the questions he has to ask himself right now:

1. Am I happy with this team as it is right now? If not, do I risk making a trade for now that may hinder me in the future?

2. Is this team simply hot and overachieving right now? If I don’t make a move, will the Raptors cool down and then have missed a possible opportunity?

3. Is there anything really of value that would help the Raptors right now?

4. Should I just let things run and then when the free agent market opens up, take a look at what’s available?

Here’s what I think is going to happen for the Raptors. Nothing. Will it surprise me if Colangelo does pull something off? No, he’s good at what he does and makes deals when the proper opportunity arises, but I think in this current situation, there isn’t anything that will make a lot of sense for the Raptors. There has been so much talk about Maggette and a while back I said that there were rumblings about him going to the Kings, but now it doesn’t even look like that is going to happen. Maggette is what Joey Graham SHOULD be (God knows Joey isn’t even close), but at the same time, his game is somewhat similar to MoPete’s, except Mo has better D.

Other than that, what’s there really for the Raptors to do right now? It would be nice to have somebody who could bang and bring in a few boards, but is there anybody really out there who is even worth the money that woul come attached to them? Nope.

Right now, the Raptors should just keep running on cruise control and hope that coming out of the break, they’re not flat. The team is good enough to make a run in the playoffs (assuming they get there) and they will still have other teams not taking them seriously, even though they should be (as was mentioned on GameDay on ESPN Radio last night).

It will be interesting to see what happens around the rest of the league and most of the movement will probably come in the East. Funny situation in NJ. If the Nets trade Kidd, then it won’t look as rosy for Carter to stay, since he can opt out of his contract at year’s end. So if that’s the case, then do they deal him too? I’m watching to see how that whole situation pans out.