Celtics preview

Yikes, I don’t think I ever remember the Celtics being this bad this far into a season. I mean, they blew an 18 point lead over the Hawks the other night, losing by 6. Ouch. They are 2-10 in January and have lost 9 straight going into the game against the Raptors. If fans in Boston weren’t green before, they certainly are now. They’re 5 minutes away from calling Dee Brown out of retirement (remeber how quickly that guy got fat? I’m talking Chris Childs/Shawn Kemp style!).

Honestly, I’m not really sure why they are playing this poorly. They’re right around the middle of the league in scoring and defence. Their field goal % isn’t great, but it’s not far off Toronto’s. Oh…wait…got it. They turn the ball over like nobody’s business. Almost in the 17 times per game range. THAT has to be part of the reason why they’re not doing well. They also tend to foul a lot, sending opposing teams to the line over 24 times per game. Also, NOT GOOD. You put those two things together and it’s a recipe for defeat.

They also have dead weight like Olowokandi hanging around, Ratliff’s gone for the season, Wally Szczerbiak still doesn’t know what kind of player he wants to be…okay, there are a few reasons why they are bad.

Let’s just hope the Raptors decide not to let Rajon Rondo have another night against them.


TTFD  on January 27th, 2007


TTFD  on January 27th, 2007

Jay said in the previous post’s comments:
“You helped prove one of my constant points: the Raptors need to drive the lane, especially down the stretch.”
Very evident again last night, man towards the end there I was cringing every time a 3 was attempted, and that was a lot.

Jay  on January 27th, 2007

They fall in love with the 3. So many times, they could have faked a 3, taken two steps in and then dropped a bounce pass to Bosh down low, but no, just another 3 jacked. It just limits your opportunities.