Roach on the Court!

Okay, it’s not like it was that hard to predict Morrison was going to have a tough game, he does that all of the time. One game awesome, next game miserable. As Lang and I were saying, it wasn’t his poor shooting that caught us off guard (shooters shoot, even when they’re not feeling it), it was the fact that he was all over the court. He looked like a roach when the light comes on. He can’t play D, that was no secret. He was exposed more times than Tara Reid, but I’m still saying the kid can play, he just had a rough night and that’s going to happen when you’re a rookie in the NBA.

So here’s a question: the schedule comes out way before the season starts. If you’re a Raptors executive, you’re checking out how the season looks and trying to grow interest in your team, wouldn’t you look at games against the Bobcats as games where you can lower your ticket price for the upper bowl? I know, they did drop prices by 20% for the game, but only after they realized nobody was going to show, so they sent out emails to Raptor Insiders. Too late. Just over 13,000 to see a young and promising team. Two of the best rookies in the league, two young clubs on the rise (well, one for sure…although the Bobcats were hot coming in), I’ll just call that a missed opportunity. It’s the same thing we say about the preseason. Discount the seats! There is always the argument that season ticket holders will be upset because they don’t want seats discounted, but I don’t think that argument holds water if you discount the upper bowl for “low profile” games. Even the Jays do it.

Good to see some Snap Crackle and Pape last night. Of course, the night was ruined when in the post game interview, Norma Wick asked Pape how it felt to score the basket that got the fans pizza. Thanks Norma, more brilliant journalism from our favourite reporter. Of course, Pape just rambled on about working hard and all that, completely ignoring the question. Somewhere, Mamdou N’diaye was looking for a high five on that one (say it with me…”Me and you, your sister and your Mamadou”…my apologies to Outkast).

One other note on the “game”. How does anybody get blocked…no, not blocked, that’s too nice of a word for what it was. How does anybody get rejected/stuffed/embarrassed going up by Jose? I love Jose as much as anybody else, but if he tattoos Spalding on your forehead, you’ve got issues. Then he embarrasses you at the other end setting up an aly-oop to Bosh. It’s like a final kick in the crotch.