Can a Hornet with no stinger still be called a Hornet?

The Hornets are up next and they just lost to the Sixers, which is tough to do. The Sixers scored over 100 points. The Sixers shot 50% from 3. Kyle “Don’t Call Me Ashton” Korver dropped 25 points on them. Not a good night for the Hornets. The only reason it ended up this close was because Philly showed why they’re Philly and started handing the ball over non-stop, which led to a rally.

So, they SHOULD be a little angry when they face the Raptors tomorrow night. Right? Well, who knows. No Chris Paul (no idea when he’s back), no Stojakovic (good Lord, have you seen his wife? Aleka Kamila…Google that), no nothing. The frontcourt of Chandler, West and Mason is nothing to be feared and that’s where the Raptors should be attacking all night (especially since West will only be playing his 4th game back from a shoulder injury…bang inside on that shoulder all night).

This is not a game where TJ should try to return, instead opting to rest the ankle. If the Raptors can’t beat the Hornets in the state they are in without TJ, there will be a lot of questions to answer.

Anyway, strategy…go big, play inside and get the Hornets in foul trouble. Shouldn’t be that tough. If Chandler decides to show up and have a block party, go with the small/speed lineup, but I think going big works here.



TTFD  on January 24th, 2007

Aleka Kamila…omg….oh yah Raps, yah I say TJ should rest a bit more, no need for a rush back and if you’re to believe an article in this morning’s Star they be all friendly on the situation right now…although to all the reporters trying to manufacture a dispute between who should start as point guard, stfu.

But at least this reporter seems to agree with you that there should be no dispute who starts…

Jay  on January 24th, 2007

Aleka Kamila could be the best thing that has happened to me this year. Anyway…

I heard about the article on the FAN590 this morning, but thanks for the link. Dave Feschuk is one of the better sports journalists in the city and although Sam cut him off on this one, they actually have a pretty good relationship, lots of give and take between them.

It’s good to see a working relationship between two guards…it’s almost like a…dare I say it? A…team is forming.