What’s that smell? Oh, it’s the Utah game.

The Jazz really tried to hand this game to the Raptors, they tried with 15 turnovers, but the Raptors handed 12 of those back. There were 8 lead changes, but that didn’t matter either as the Raptors couldn’t hold the final one. The Raptors couldn’t even stop Jarron Collins from going to the line 3 times in just over 7 minutes of floor time (which, of course, resulted in 6 points). Mehmet Okur only had 3 rebounds, but he dropped a heavy 27 on the Raps. The only thing the Jazz didn’t do was put Hoffa in the game, which 17,384 salivating Raptor fans were praying for (more on Hoffa later).

The giveaways down the stretch killed the Raptors, including an absolutely brutal MoPete pass, but to be honest, giveaways kill you at any time during the game because they add up. They’re just more magnified at the end of the game. I can’t help but feel like a broken record, but if you get out-rebounded in games against teams like Utah, it’s going to come back to bite you in the ass.

Anyway, let’s have some fun and look at Hoffa’s stats this year. Quick, who knows what his career points average is? If you said 2.8, you’re right. If you said anything above three, you’re the most generous person in the world. Now, second quick question: What is his average this season? 2. Yep, in 5 games played. Okay, that’s enough. It’s not that much fun kicking a man when he’s down, but then again, he has been down since he left BYU. This guy needs kneepads and mittens he’s been down so long. He’s going to take humankind back a few thousand years and have us all crawling again he’s been down so long. The only thing he has accomplished in the past few years is gettin more tattoos.