Why the Raptors Shouldn’t Trade MoPete

Okay, so we’ve had the vote on here for a while now and it looks like most of you guys are on my side on this one. The Raptors need to keep MoPete. For anybody who saw the game last night, MoPete off the bench was lights out scoring like he can and playing solid D.

Now it would be easy for anybody to get on the MoPete bandwagon, but honestly, even more than his being a veteran presence, a solid perimeter defender and a threat from 3-point range, who would the Raptors really get in a MoPete trade? It would have to be a package deal, but outside of MoPete, who is Colangelo really willing to part ways with right now?

Let’s keep in mind that Colangelo is a smart guy and isn’t going to make a deal just to make a deal. There is always a chance you could see MoPete back in a Raptor uniform next year. Players like MoPete are the ones that you never completely value until they are gone (Chauncey Billups anyone? Okay, he was only here for a cup of coffee, but tell me Denver and Minnesota aren’t kicking themselves now). The one thing that you have to value in a guy like MoPete is class. Through all of the rumour talks and being inexplicably moved to the bench at the start of the season (and I say inexplicably because he was moved there in favour of Fred Jones), MoPete has been a class act. Sure, he was upset, but who wouldn’t be. The important thing is that he has just dealt with it and worked on his game and now he’s lethal off the bench. Do I think he should stlil be a starter? Yes. But as many guys in the NBA say, it’s not who starts the games, it’s who finishes.