Raps vs. Mavs Drinking Game

Just so I can say that I’m not drinking alone, here’s my plan for tomorrow.

1. Every time I hear a comparison of Bargnani’s game and Nowitzki’s game, I will chug a beer.

2. Every time I hear how Bargnani’s game right now is ahead of where Nowitzki’s game was at this stage in his career, I’ll chug and then chase with some Stoli.

3. Every time I hear how Bargnani’s game will be where Nowitzki’s game is now within 2 years, I’ll root through my basement to see if there are any old cans of Rolling Rock from back in university, then see if I can shotgun the can…withstanding the metallic taste that isn’t from the can or its ancient nature, just that good ol’ Rolling Rock metallic taste.

4. Bonus – If I hear that Bargnani will be looking to make a statement tomorrow (against Nowitzki), I am going to see if I can find somebody to have a “boat race” with. It’s been a while.

Hopefully you guys feel the same about all of these ridiculous comparisons so early in Bargnani’s career. That being said, check out the latest rookie rankings: http://www.nba.com/rookies/rankings.html


Lang  on January 14th, 2007

I’m confused. Is Andrea Bargnani a spitting image of Dirk Nowitzki or was it Larry Bird?

Jay  on January 15th, 2007

Dirk Bird.