Leo, Chuck and Rush/Fraher/Robinson

There was a point in Friday’s game where Leo was talking about MoPete and how he hadn’t shown up in the game, going 0 from the field in just over 10 minutes. Leo was saying that when you are challenging for playing time, when you want to be a starter, that you have to make the most of those opportunities. As much as I hate to say it, Leo had a valid point. MoPete took a few ill-advised and poorly executed shots (as much as I hate to say that too) and clearly wasn’t making the most of the opportunity. Can’t be too hard on MoPete based on that one game, because there were a lot of weaknesses and he has been playing well lately, but you can’t take leaning jumpers of a bad screen and expect to get more playing time.

So after Leo makes his point, Chuck started saying that the coach should go to the player before the game and have a talk with him, telling him that he needs him to step up and make a statement. Then Leo cuts off Chuck, telling him that that’s a different approach. WELL DUH! That’s the whole point of having somebody else on the broadcast, to have another opinion, to provide another point of view.

Now, on to another item. The commish has made it clear that a lot of things are going to be called this year. There is a crackdown on carrying/traveling and other minor infractions, but even moreso, referees are throwing around T’s like there’s no tomorrow. Now this is all good as far as keeping a lot of the garbage out of the game, but it has been very simple for refs to go overboard lately. We’ve seen it with Steve Javie a million times (wow, that guy has a huge inferiority complex), so there’s no point of even commenting on that (especially if he is reffing a game with AI in it…lookout). But the combination of Rush, Fraher and Robinson blew it on Friday. I’m not sure which ref made the call, but the T on Bosh after his monster dunk was completely bogus. First of all, Bosh was just staring over at his bench, second, even if he was staring down somebody after a dunk like that, SO WHAT? It’s not like he threw up a sign, said something offensive or slapped somebody. Let’s not get too crazy here. If Bosh had received a legit technical later, it would have been all over for him and on a night like that, it may have been over for the Raps. I’m all for keeping it clean in the NBA, but let’s not go overboard.


arsenalist  on January 14th, 2007

Mo Pete was 0-1 when Leo went off on him. And if that one shot had gone in, Leo would’ve said what a great shot it was since Mo Pete usually makes those use-the-pick-and-pop jumpers.

The technical on Bosh was a horrible call. Same goes for the clear-path foul called on TJ Ford. Later in the game it was Boston that should’ve had the clear-path foul and they didn’t call it. I wish Mitchell would let the refs know what he thinks of them more often.

Jay  on January 14th, 2007

You’re right, that’s exactly what Leo would have said. It would have been something to the effect of MoPete battling and fighting for his spot.

Refereeing basketball is extremely tough, but the common things that get me upset are a) waiting to see if shots go in before making a call; b) “ticky tack” fouls (as Jack calls them); c) refs with quick whistles on T’s.

You’re dead on with the clear path call (or non-call as it was).

Actually, I find Mitchell expresses his rage pretty well, but sometimes it is a little misguided, so he probably gets tuned out a bit. When you don’t have the respect of the league (as reported last year in SI where he was voted the worst coach by NBA players) then you’re not going to be listened to as much by the refs. Never hurts though. Plant a seed.