What SHOULD happen?

Okay, so let’s forget that SOMEBODY in the Raptors organization should have realized that they had to points ripped from them by the scorers in Atlanta (it wouldn’t have tied the game, but it would have played a role in the game). Let’s forget that any of the Raptors on the bench could have picked up the miscue (D-Mart…put that burger down and watch the game). What is the NBA going to do about it? As Colangelo said, he’s 99% sure nothing will be done.

So really, what can the NBA do? How hard is it to score a game? In school, the kid who reeks at basketball always gets to be the scorekeeper, it’s a simple job and makes the kid feel important. Same thing here…except here it IS important.

My favourite part in the whole situation is that the Hawks brass isn’t going to say anything until the NBA completes its “investigation” (read: intern reviews tape, confirms screw-up, tells commish, commish apologizes and vows for it to never happen again). Atlanta, don’t worry, they’re not going to take the win away. Just say it was an unfortunate event, that you will ensure you review the importance of scoring with the staff and that you will double check that all equipment is in proper working form.

The NBA’s hands are really tied on this. There is nothing they can do other than make a simple apology statement and move on. So wait for it…if Stern even has the guts to come out and just apologize…maybe he’ll hop on a jet and hide in China, instead saying that he’s promoting the game in a developing basketball market…yeah, just like you did in Vancouver, right? Thanks for bailing on that city, Dave.