Raptors.com and ShopRogers.com – YIKES!

Okay, so I’m on Raptors.com for hours at a time and one would think that this is just because I am a Raps fan, which I am. But it is also because as much as I hate to say it, the site is a mess. Please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t find a thing on there. Going on that site is like the night you lost your virginity. You know there’s stuff there that you’re interested, you know where you want to go, but you’re not really sure what to press or what will happen when you go somewhere you haven’t before. I spend so much time just staring at the screen, looking for something simple . Guys, please clean it up a bit!

Only worse than Raptors.com is ShopRogers.com. If you’re trying to order RaptorsTV online, good luck. Book the afternoon off work and make sure you have a drink with you. Seriously, just for kicks (because, you probably have RaptorsTV already, right?) go on there and see how long it takes you to get it all sorted. There is stuff everywhere. They probably have the cure for cancer woven into the site and don’t even know it. My frustration ended with me just picking up the phone and going through what has to be the most ridiculously voiced automated systems ever. Anyway, RaptorsTV is now a pleasure to have…especially after watching the Michigan game tonight…now THAT was good basketball. Lead changes, hard fouls, nice passes. Good stuff.

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Elfrado Abuan  on March 28th, 2007

Coach Sam Mitchelle sometimes is coaching by players not by capabilities and luck of players during playtime.Like when Bosh is missing 4 of 19 shots and errors of turnovers, why he is not sitting down Bosh and let him regroup by himself for 10 or 20 minutes instead of letting him on the play and commiting mistakes after mistakes that causes loss to a lowly Boston celtics. Shootingwise, Anthony Parker is much more accurate than Bosh at any distance…..