Fred Jones Update

Just reading through different articles and came across a good one by Mark Keast in the Sun. Regarding Jones’ sub-par performance against his former team, the Pacers, here is what Jones’ had to say when asked how he played (as quoted in the Toronto Sun):

Not well,” he said. “I’m not knocking down shots. I get to the right spots in the right situation, but I’m just not knocking them down. I don’t think I’ve taken a step back. I haven’t consistently been making them.”

Wow, understatement of the year. 3-11 and 7 points. What those stats don’t show is how many backboards Jones almost broke throwing up bricks and boulders. Somewhere Zan Tabak was saying, “Jeez, even I didn’t use to miss like that.”

Just to reiterate, the Raptors have MoPete working with a shooting coach.