Sam and Leo on a boat outta town

Okay, two miserable losses and heading into Golden State tonight. In my opinion, a winnable game. I don’t think the Warriors can run with the Raptors, but that isn’t going to be the focal point tonight. Once again, it is going to come down to the Raptors team defence. Which leads me to ask, WHY IN GOD’S NAME IS SAM BENCHING MOPETE? Given, Mo’s offensive output has never been earth shattering, but he is going to give you 15-20 points every night and will defend the opponent’s best player. If you think MoPete’s here to light up the scoreboard, you’re out to lunch. Let’s take MoPete’s game on Sunday. 18 points, 1 assist, 1 steal, 3 rebounds. Add that to some good defense and that’s a solid night. Okay, so maybe Sam was thinking about MoPete’s terrible Friday performance, BUT WAIT! MoPete on Friday: 18 points, 6 rebounds, 1steal, 1 block. Sounds like another solid night. Trust me, if you go back to the games before that, you’ll see more solid numbers, sometimes in less minutes (check out his numbers against Philly in 19 minutes…11 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals). Keep in mind that he’s replacing MoPete with Fred Jones. Nothing against Fred, but D isnt’ his strength and he’s averaging his highest point total in his career this year at just over 11.

I used to give Sam the benefit of the doubt, thinking that he didn’t have a lot of tools to work with. I used to think that when the Raps would come out of a timeout, their inability to effectively run a play was due to poor players and tough D from their opponent, but with this latest move (taking MoPete out of the starting lineup), Sam has finally lost it. So here we go, let’s set the over/under on Sam remaining coach of the Raptors. Here are some factors that are going to come into play:

1) He’s not Colangelo’s guy. New GM’s always like to bring in their own guy, no matter what the sport.
2) He has ZERO track record. Colangelo can’t even look back and say, “Well, he succeeded in the past, he’ll come around”
3) He’s getting out-coached. Nuff said.
4) Bryan won’t let this get out of control

Here’s the over under. There are 8 games left in the month. If the Raps have a bad rest of the month (if they come back under .500), Lang says Sam will be gone, so he’s taking the under (under 8.5, so in 8 games or less). I pretty much agree, but just to make it interesting, I say “over”. If they go under .500 for the rest of the month, Sam will get one more home game and if they lose that, Colangelo will cut him loose (so I’m saying 9 games or more). The odds should be tougher for Lang since he has less games to work with, but with Sam’s performance, he’s actually getting a good handicap on this. Honestly.

Let’s hope they can pull it together tonight.