Can’t Stop AI…but how about Leo?

Impressive win by the Raps last night. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to see Bosh start getting confident from the 3-point line, because that may result in him hoisting up ill-advised shots when he should really be getting inside. But that 3 last night was definitely a rabbit pulled out of a hat. As good as that play was, what happened at the other end of the court? Knowing that Philly was going to have to come down the court and get off a quick shot, the Raps pretty much let the Sixers walk down and get an amazingly clean look at a 3. I swear, I thought that was going to drop and cue the mass exodus from the ACC. We’ve seen it before. If the Raptors are going to go anywhere this season, the D in key situations such as that can’t slip. And Bosh, what’s up with the whole mugging for the crowd after your 3? As much as we love your talent, nobody in the world thinks you are a bad ass, so leave that garbage to the thugs (or as Jack would say, “Get that garbage outta here”).

Something I liked seeing last night: Graham trying to nail the dunk of the year by going right at one of the Sixers defenders (sorry, I can’t remember who it was). Edge of my seat, getting ready to scream, it looked like it was going to be sick. As long as Joey is attacking defenders like that (and with his frame, he should be), that is going to open a lot of opportunities for him. He had a nice night.

Okay, AI got his points last night, like the Raps said, you can’t stop him, so just make it difficult for him. On the other hand, is there any way we can stop Leo Rautins? How did Basketball Canada ever put this guy in charge? So many inane comments and I swear if I hear “Long shot, long rebound” again, I’m going to snap. Oh yes, dear Leo, we ALL know you went to Syracuse. Give it a rest. That was a long time ago. Leo’s analysis is so simple, if not wrong a lot of the time. Given, he has been in the game for years, but that is why he is even more annoying. He should know the game inside out and be able to convey it to the viewers. For Leo, everything’s black and white. If the Raps put up a quick shot and it doesn’t go in, he complains about the quick shot and not using the clock. If the shot goes in, it’s a great look, the Raps realizing the open shot via running the court. Come on Leo, we’re not idiots.

All in all, a good night.