Can Vinsanity come back to Toronto?

Here is article that was written last week by Marty York for the Metro:

Vince Carter, a former malcontent with the Raptors, is privately thinking about seeking a return to Toronto next year.

I’m serious.

“Vince has talked to his agent about the idea,” one of Carter’s closest friends tells me. “He wonders if he could patch things up with the Raptors. He even wants the idea floated to the Raptors privately.

“Listen, you have to understand that Vince was unhappy with the old management, but he respects (new general manager) Bryan Colangelo and he’s always loved Toronto and its fans.” And there’s no doubt, the friend said, that Carter will exercise his option with the Nets to become a free agent after this season. “Vince owns a mansion in Orlando, so he’s thinking about the Magic,” the friend said. “But Toronto appeals to him, too.”

Aside from the glaring fact that the Metro is a tabloid newspaper that can be found strewn all over Toronto subway floors by mid-afternoon, Marty York is hardly renowned as an acclaimed sports writer or basketball maven. And I’m sure there are those out there who know Marty and will come to his defense, but I assure you I’m aware of his qualifications and his reputation for breaking sports stories before everyone else. However, I’d like to contend that there is a journalistic responsibility to fully covering a story as opposed to throwing things against the wall and seeing what eventually sticks.

But heck, let’s run with this anyways, because people in Toronto love to hate on Vince Carter. December 15th has been marked as the biggest basketball game in Toronto this year when the Raptors host the Nets for the first time this season. Raptors fans are looking for payback from last year’s match when Vince dropped a nearly impossible 3-pointer to seal the win for his time, essentially slapping every Toronto fan in the face as he celebrated mid-court.

Vince is like the high school sweetheart you married, divorced, and subsequently labelled the bane of your existence. He’s the villain everyone looks for in a story, the person you direct all your pent-up frustrations about work, family, and friends against without remorse. So what would life be like if Air Carter landed back in Toronto?

You remember how uncomfortable it felt when news broke that Antonio Davis got traded back to the Raptors? Multiply that by about a billion.

But fret not, for Vince Carter will NEVER be able to don another Raptors uniform again. Whether he cites his issues were due to coaching, the GM, or even his supporting cast, the fact of the matter is that the Raptors brass are still the same people he screwed. And after painting his picture across Toronto and hand feeding him grapes, you can be sure they’ll never open their doors to him again.

And most importantly, he’s lost his legions of fans. Fans that shelled out hard-earned money to watch him play like a forest sloth, wore his name on their backs and on their children’s backs, and pledged allegiance to the game of basketball in Canada. These are the people that haven’t forgotten, and are quite willing to support the salaries of the blue and white instead.

Bryan Colangelo has done an admirable job at bringing the basketball buzz back to the city. Optimism runs high for the first time in years, and the fans are filling the seats again. Vince Carter’s welcome wagon has long departed, and Toronto is now proving that Raptors basketball has moved on without him.