See ya Alvin

Well, another very likeable player and a very talented one (when he is healthy) is gone from the Raps. It was tough to see Charlie V leave after having a great rookie season and surprising most people. It is only remotely sad to see Alvin go, not because he was a bad player or a bad seed, probably the exact opposite. But it is only remotely sad because by Colangelo coming in and taking care of this item so quickly, it just shows what should have been done a long time ago.

The Raptors club leader in assists should have had an agreement worked out a long time ago that would have resulted in him leaving the Raptors. If the club could work something out (if you can call it that) to get Zo out of town (did he ever really get here?), then surely, something could have been done about Alvin. I’m no doctor, but anybody with any level of competency could see that Alvin wasn’t going to play again here, probably not again in the NBA. I hope he does, but when you have that many operations on your knee and you’re a guard, you had better start checking out your options.

Colangelo’s move once again exposed just how inept Raptors management has been in the past. Alvin was dead wood and had to be cut off. Now, if they could maybe purchase a burger franchise for Mart and see if he’ll go too…