Reflections on D-Mart

1. Can anybody believe Colangelo hasn’t come in and said, “Wait, you guys are kidding, right? Sorry, I thought this guy worked the concession stand.”

2. Just checked the Raptors site. They have him listed at 170 lbs. I’m serious.

3. Word around town is that with all of the international signings, D-Mart has been asking how he can create new interpretations on the classic American hamburger.

4. When told Colangelo was taking over the team, D-Mart’s first reponse was, “Jello? Jello? I love Jello.”

Honestly though people, where does D-Mart fit into all of this? I think the “instructor” and “advisor” role that he had last year was played up way too much and when he was on the court, he wasn’t terrible, but there are better options. Seeing D-Mart trying to land a 2-on-1 layup could be one of the most painful things anybody has to watch. Anyway, best of luck to D-Mart this season, he could be my new favourite Raptor. D-Mart… we should just start calling him Mart, cuz he’s got no D. Sorry Mart, but now that Mine James is gone, we need a new whipping boy. Congrats, it’s the first position you can rely on as being yours.