Another Raptor Signing…and maybe I’m the Dummy of the Year Candidate

Colangelo just can’t stop. In an attempt to tell Raptor fans just how far off the map we were with last year’s edition of the team, Colangelo signed Spanish league Finals MVP Jorge Garbajosa. Garbajosa, a 6’9″ forward averaged 14.8 points and 6.9 rebounds with Unicaja last year, making him an appetizing thought for Colangelo. But let’s be honest, this probably wasn’t as much of a Colangelo signing as it was a Gheradini-whispered-in-Colangelo’s-ear signing. Garbajosa spent four years in Italy playing for Benneton Treviso, so I’m putting money on Gheradini telling Colangelo to get moving on the guy. Sources say the guy doesn’t mind a little contact, which will be a nice change for Raptor fans after seeing the ballet that was sometimes our offence AND defence last year.

Now back to John Salmons. About five minutes after I put a post up about his blunder in not signing with the Raps, he signs with the Kings. As I mentioned, maybe he knew something we didn’t, but I can’t say I saw him going to the west coast. Terms of the deal weren’t available as of yesterday. Either way, I still think Toronto would have been a better fit for Salmons. Toronto is going to run and be athletic this year, things that play to Salmons strengths. The Raptors are also going to be looking for a few guys to break out and help Bosh carry the load and this would have been a perfect opportunity for Salmons. Let’s not forget how tough the Pacific Division is. Suns, The Clip, Lakers, Kings and The ever rising Warriors. Compare that to the Atlantic, where the Nets were the only above .500 team last year. I dunno, I still think he would have been better here. Anyway, let’s hope he later gets traded to the Knicks.