New Deals and a Dummy of the Year Candidate

Well, we certainly can’t fault Bryan Colangelo for being passive. Since taking over the Raps, he has been putting his mark all over this team and why not, surely, things can’t get any worse (note: disclaimer here for if things do get worse, maybe I should say it is “unlikely” things will get worse). Fred Jones is going to sign with the Raptors, leaving the Pacers and bringing his 9.6 ppg (off the bench) to Basketball North. Should be interesting to see if he actually works himself into a starting job, but if a guy is comfortable coming off the bench and doesn’t seem to against it, then Sam might just leave him there. A nice move by Colangelo to pick up on the Pacers pulling their qualifying offer and moving in to get a valuable piece of the puzzle.

Now on to the Dummy of the Year Candidate – John Salmons. The Raps had 5 years and $23 million on the table for him AFTER he turned down an offer from the Suns. The Sixers have also pulled a qualifying offer that was on the table earlier. So now guess what Mr. Salmons? You have no offers anywhere and no guaranteed money for next year. Nice work. In a statement from his agent, Joel Bell (reported in the AP), it was said that Salmons didn’t think Toronto was the best fit for him. Wow. Either he knows something we don’t or this move is completely crazy. Maybe his “best fit” is waiting another month before getting an offer from the Knicks. Dude, honestly, you’re John Salmons and you just turned down 5 years, $23 mil in a place where you would have had tons of playing time. Seriously.