Raptors keep the transactions rolling

A few things to report tonight, and I’ll go more in-depth tomorrow.

  • John Salmons, of the Philadelphia 76ers, has just minutes ago completed a sign-and-trade deal with the Toronto Raptors. It’s a 5 year contract worth approximately $23 million, and the 76ers will most likely get back a 2nd round draft pick and a $2 million trade exception.
  • Anthony Parker, from Israeli powerhouse Maccabi Tel Aviv, has agreed to play for the Toronto Raptors with a 3 year contracted worth $12 million.
  • Chris Bosh looks to sign for 3 years with the team for $40 million, with a player option in the 4th year.

One Comment

Warren  on July 13th, 2006

I hate John Salmons…he doesn’t exist. But if you haven’t yet seen the montage to Anthony Parker….you must.