Mike James – Killing Min. Softly

As much as I enjoyed dragging Mike James through the proverbial mud last season, I was more than content on just burying the hatchet and moving on. However, after listening to Chuck Swirsky’s interview on the FAN590 today, I just had to say a few more things.

[Click here to hear the interview]

First of all, Mike… IS you crazy?

Granted, the Raptors offer of 3 years and 5 million dollars is absolutely a slap in the face, but Minnesota’s contract was extremely accomodating for a one-year track record for a 31 year old player. To sign a contract with a new team and then rant to the media that you’re still underpaid and appreciated is disrespectful. Sure Kevin Garnett placed a personal call for Mike, but that was before he ever realized that Mike James is the black hole of the NBA. Once a basketball hits his event horizon, it ain’t never coming back.

But let’s look at the facts. Mike had an incredible year, and nothing can take that away from him. Oh, except for the fact that the Toronto Raptors didn’t give a rat’s ass that he left. And the fact that the one person who actually stood up for him, namely Chris Bosh, said in more ways than one that Mike James was one selfish snap crackle pop. And let’s not forget Sam Mitchell’s look of horror during the final seconds of every game when Mike held onto the basketball like it was a bucket of the Colonel’s best chicken wings.

Matt Bonner leaves town and the organization and players weep. Charlie V. leaves town and the organization and players weep. Mike James leaves town and the organization and players throw a party. And who can blame them? Mike James makes more demands than a bank hostage taker.

Goodbye, Mike James. Your legend died out long before your candle ever did.