See ya Charlie

When the message came across the bottom of the ticker, I wasn’t all that surprised that Charlie V had been traded (there had been a lot of rumours), but I didn’t think it was going to be a one up for TJ Ford. Apparently, the discussions were initially around bringing Jamaal Magloire to Toronto (why does everybody think he is going to be our saviour?) and ended up with TJ Ford coming back.
Good move? Sure. Tactical and smart, but let’s all just hope there aren’t any future injury problems. After missing a season and a half with a spinal-cord injury, Ford came back to lead him team with 6.6 assists per game, something the Raps are sorely needing. The 12.2 ppg were a nice addition, but let’s be honest, it will be nice to have a guy running the floor who is pass-first, shoot second, instead of the MINE James show. So I guess there will not be any more butler references for us as it looks like Mine James is on his way out of town via free-agency.
Make no mistake folks, by letting Charlie go, Colangelo is making a very clear statement on how good he thinks Bargnani is going to be. Charlie V proved to be a quality player, but as soon as Bargnani was selected, Charlie V was trade bait. Good on Colangelo, because how many times have we seen guys have a good rookie year, only to flop later? If Charlie V doesn’t start taking care of that body a bit, he’s going to watch it morph into a mid-90s Big O.
Here’s the best of luck to both of them in their new cities.