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Vince is dead…oh no, wait…he’s okay.

First, let me apologize for my extended absence. After watching so many terrible Raptor losses, I had to go into rehab to cure my problem of “drinking the losses away”. Maybe I can get MLSE to pick up the hospital tab.
So the playoffs have started and the Raps aren’t anywhere to be found, which is okay for now. But did anybody manage to catch a clip of VC hitting the deck tonight?
Okay, let’s set the scenario. Vince comes down the lane (I know, it still hurts to hear this), there are about three guys in his way and he tries for some sort of extended finger roll-no-wait-I’m-going-to-take-a-jump-shot thing, gets his legs taken out and lands on his back. If it had been anybody else, we all would have held our collective breath hoping he got up okay. The way VC was rolling around, left for dead, you would have been waiting for him to whisper “Rosebud” in somebody’s ear.
Can’t help it, but you have to ask, has this man no shame? If you were his teammate, wouldn’t you be sick of this? If you are his wife, do you start looking at some other available players?
Anyway, nothing really more to say than that, it’s just pathetic, that’s all.

Steven A. Smith opens his mouth.

If you missed his interview on The Score where he defends his lambasting of Charlie Villanueva on draft night, here is the entire interview. Thanks to The Score for reeling Smith in.

Click here to watch the interview.